Redlands Farmers Market Every Saturday

Redlands Farmers Market Every Saturday

The Redlands Farmers market in Downtown Redlands off 5th street and Redlands Blvd has been around for years but has also been Redlands best kept secret, many people in Redlands still do not know it exists. That is why at Sterling and Company we want you to come down and try it out! Plus the added health benifits of walking around and buying fruits and vegatbles is priceless.

The City of Redlands has been known to have the best citrus produce in california and in most cases around the United States so going to this little street market is in your best interests to really get a great taste of what Redlands vegetation can give to your taste buds.

At the Redlands Farmers market you can pick up all of your vegetable and fruit needs in one quick easy trip and most of the produce is at really great prices and you know what you are getting. Some of the vendors believe their produce is so good they offer free samples just to tease your tongue.

Support Redlands businesses and the farmers market.

8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. year round!

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