Indian Head Wooden Ear Plugs Jewelry

Indian Head Wooden Ear Plugs Jewelry

Sterling and Company now offers hand carved wood ear plugs which are better for your ears in the long run and offers a classic look that can blend in anywhere. Each one of our wooden ear plugs are made from all natural wood and are not pressed or manufactured, each wood ear plug jewelry is hand carved to perfection.

Because these ear plug jewelry are made of wood this means they are lighter and will stay in your ear more naturally. The weight is so minimal your ear holes will never be stretched beyond the size you intend them to be.  Wood Ear Plugs have a natural way of staying in your ear without o-ring locks or large flares. Also Natural wood is on hundred percent hypoallergenic and will prevent infections and rashes that metals and acrylics can possibly induce.

Wood ear plug jewelry prevent smells that acrylic and other porous materials do. The odor you are smelling from ear plugs is bacteria and fungus that is a combination of the porous material and your skin creates after long periods of time and moisture. Wood ear plug leave no smell at all.

To clean your wood ear plugs all you need is a natural oil such as jojoba oil or linseed oils that are not harmful to skin. With a q-tip or cotton swab you can wipe away any blemishes and the natural oil will bring the shine back to your designed wood ear plugs.

The cons to wood ear plugs are that you must be careful not to get them wet because of warping. Just like all wood items once you get wood wet and do not dry them out right away they can become warped and can end up becoming blemished and even loose shape. The other thing you must worry about is the fragility of the plug, some wood plugs have very weak points because they are made of wood and the detail gets smaller on certain parts so you can risk cracking of parts if you drop your ear plugs. The cost of wooden ear plugs are much higher than the rest of the ear plug family mainly because they take more time to make especially the hand carved ones and the wood must be treated before they are okay for ear plug use.

As a fashion wood ear plugs give a more classical and casual look, unlike metal plugs that can look too shiny, or acrylic plugs that can look almost too toy like wooden ear plugs especially hand carved ones can give an elegance to your fashion and many times are okay for jobs that require a more conservative look.

Wooden ear plugs are the highest quality of ear plug jewelry realms and the vibrant colors and grans can bring your fashion style to a whole new level.


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