Crazy Cash Monkey in our Store

Crazy Cash Monkey in our Store

We realize that everyone needs a break once in a while when it comes to their wallet but Sterling and Company and Back Stage never has mailed Coupons to your Home, Magazine Ad, or even a Newspaper ad. the reason why we do not do these things is simple, we hate it when we get coupons in the mail and so should you! Once in a while we offer online coupons that can only be redeemed on our website but for our in store customers these coupons do not apply. But we do offer other programs for in store redemption, you just need to know where and how to use them.

The first way is to always ask our in store associate what kind of deals do we have, most of the time we have deals and offers that are a secret (we just forget to tell you) like did you know you can get 1 pair of our basic sunglasses for 8.99 but then it is 2 for 15 and 3 for 20. Tongue rings are the same way you can buy one acrylic tongue ring for 5 dolllars or you can get 3 for 10! What a deal! But it doesn’t stop there for our metal tongue rings its one for 10 or 2 for 15. Our huge window stickers seem expensive at 1 for 5 dollars but get 2 for 8 dollars and three for 15, we are just crazy like that.

For our first time buyers we offer a 5% discount if you come in and check in with your smart phone on Yelp. All you need to do is go on your phone and download the Yelp app for iPhone or Android and then come in our store and check in with yelp through Facebook or any other Social Networks it offers for you to check in with. A screen will come up that that you can now show our associate and give you 5 percent off your first time purchase.

We admire and love our return customers, it makes us feel good that our return customers love us so much they come back. If you love something, set it free and if it comes back to you then that is a great customer in our eyes. We give all of our return customers a 10% discount, but there is one small catch to earn you 10 percent off, you must bring in your old reciept. The great thing about our recipet discount is that they last forever and never expire, the bad thing is we can not give you a discount with out it and we know keeping a recipet is one of the hardest things in life to do. But for a 10 percent discount off our entire store we believe it is well worth it!

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