Incense has been used for many years in religious ceremonies, ritual purification, aromatherapy, meditation, and for just relaxing.

The origin of incense dates all the way back to the 5th Egyptian dynasty back in 2345-2494 BC, the word Incense comes from the word “Incendere” which in Latin means “To Burn”. It was used then for religious reasons and soon could be found in both Buddhism and Taoism to create spiritual environments. The first records of it being used in the Jewish religion dates all the way back to the Old Testament as a way to lift one’s prayers to God with the smoke of the incense.

Nowadays many religions still use incense, but many people now use it to create a very relaxed environment. There are two types of incense regularly used. One of them is indirect burning which a heat needs source aside from it to warm it and create the sweet smelling aromas. The other prominent type is direct burning. This type of incense is lit by direct contact with fire and then blown out leaving the smoke to create the aroma.

Sterling Company has a huge assortment of fresh incense that are still in the oil and each one will fill your home with flavors and aroma that will last for hours.

Most other incense that you purchase from the store have been dried and have been kept on the shelf for weeks. What this does is these incense will catch on fire easily and burn out quickly within 15 to 30 minutes and the potency of the scents have been greatly reduced. These generic incense that you find in shopping malls or the local dollar store and cheap and you get what you pay for which is more smoke smell then the intended scent you were looking for.

 Sterling and company offers 20 incense stick for a dollar and each package of incense is moist with the scent and flavor richness that you are looking for. Because each incense is still moist you may have to light the stick once and let it burn for a few seconds, then blow it out and re-light the stick so that you can charcoal the tip. But once you have the stick going you will notice it will take much longer to burn because of the rich moist oil attached to the stick and because of the moisture the stick will take much longer to burn almost an hour to an hour and a half.

Many people feel that incense are a spiritual thing that that certain scents can ward of evil spirits or demons. Although we can’t guarantee that ours can ward off these evil ghost we can guarantee depending on what kind of scents you enjoy these little wicker guys can keep your home smelling nice and fresh all day long.

So if you like the idea of being able to just take a load off and relax, or just creating an environment that has a sweet aroma we have just what you need. From Sandalwood to China Rain we have something that you’ll enjoy.

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