Colored and Crazy Eye Contacts

Colored and Crazy Eye Contacts

We now have all type of color contacts for regular casual wear or for Halloween. Our basic color contacts are a great way to change your look as well as color coordinate your wardrobe many people now a days are getting different color contacts to make their eyes blue, hazel, grey, even violet. But on the other side of the spectrum Sterling and Company offers crazy contacts that you can get online or purchase from one of our awesome locations. The crazy contacts consists of a broad selection of targets, Cats eyes, black or White outs, even spiderwebs just in time for Halloween to trip your friends out.

Eye contacts are easy to put in but if you are foreign to doing this then here is a quick guide to help you with the process.

First once you get your eye contacts make sure you have a contact case and contact solution before popping open your contacts. Once you open up your contact casing put them into your contact case and add the solution and shake them a bit just to make sure you make sure they are moist and clean.

Once they are thoroughly washed poke your finger into the solution so you have a little on your index finger then place the contact on that finger cup side up and make sure the edges are not flared, if they are you have the contact upside down and backwards so if it looks like a full cup you have them right, if they are flared then you have them backwards.

Use your other hand and fingers and widen your eye, do your best not to blink and lightly with your contact hand place the contact on your eye and flap it gently down slightly poking yoru eye in the process but not too hard, if you poke to hard the contact will pop backwards again and not take to your eye, be gentle and don’t blink.

Once the contact is in your eye blink a few times so that it will move into correct placement, you will notice that sometimes when you blink its like you are in a tunnel and it is shifting around a little, this is normal for some contact users but not in all cases.

Now once your contact has settled you can now insert the second one on to your other eye.

When taking your contacts out just place you thumb and index finger around your eye and very gently pinch your eye and you should feel your contact pop out and now you can place them back in the case, and even though they are not prescription it is a good idea to place the contacts in the correct left or right eye marked case the reason why is that contacts once the contact has been in your eye for a period of time they will conform to your eye shape so this way when you put the contacts back in they will more easily jump back into the correct placement.

To buy some awesome contacts click here is it will take you to our online store where you can buy them direct.


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