Forbidden Panel: Zombie Beauty Pageant 2013

Forbidden Panel: Zombie Beauty Pageant 2013

Forbidden Panel presents one of the largest Zombie events of the year in the city of Redlands, California the Inland Empire Zombie Beauty Pageant. This event will be the pinnacle of Redlands during the Halloween month and will feature four different events to be judged and graded by the first will be the gown or evening dress, followed by a swim suit modeling, then how well your favorite zombie dies, and a talent contest which is a freestyle competition.

Note that this is a formal event so you will be required to be dressed to impress and please no zombies so that the contestants and viewers will not be confused and for your own safety so that none of the zombie security accidentally shoot you thinking you are a run away zombie.

Be warned there are only 400 tickets so get them fast before they are all sold out. The pre-sale tickets are going for 12 dollars and you can only purchase them online, the fox theater, or you can buy them from our store in Redlands. If you wait till the day of you will no be guaranteed a seat and you will have to pay 15 dollars at the door. When you purchase your tickets in our store make sure you let us know which zombie you will be going to see if not ask us about our sponsored Zombie Pauline!

Come hang out with us at Sterling and Companyas well as Keys Zombie Guide staff as we have fun and chill out with good people and friends at what is sure to be one of the best horror zombie fests in Redlands at the Fox Events theater in Downtown.

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