Skeleton Claws and Batarangs

Skeleton Claws and Batarangs

What would somebody want a knife for? Three things: Self Defense, Style, and Practical Use. When it comes to defend yourself you could always become a master of the martial arts and go all “Mr. Miyagi” on your attacker, but unfortunately this takes time and discipline that most people don’t have. You could always buy a gun and where it around like a sheriff from the old west, but unless you’re an actual Sheriff… or you live in Texas, the permit needed to carry a gun like that is going to be nigh impossible to come across. The simple answer would be to get a very convenient pocket knife, because most people would know that if you are going to fight a man with a knife you are going to get cut, and would probably enough of a deterrent in itself.

Style would be another excellent reason to come by and see what we have in stock. For example, who wouldn’t want a certifiable “Batarang” or some easily attachable Wolverine claws. After all you never know when you’ll have to fight off the armies of darkness; you might as well do it in style like Batman or Wolverine.

On a more practical note, pocket knives can be used for everything from cutting through the tape on some packages, or getting past the hard plastic encasing on that new item you just bought. You could always use one of those “Plastic-Package-Openers” that come in their convenient plastic packages But how are you going to get them out?

So whether you’re looking for a little self-defense security, fighting the armies of darkness in style, or just trying to have something to conveniently get into those hard to open packages we have what you need. Come check us out today.

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