Double Flannel Throw Blanket

Double Flannel Throw Blanket

Sterling Company has always bee a traditional jewelry and body jewelry store but this year coming soon we will be bringing in all types of throw blankets. Everything from flannel, to faux fur, and even tweeds we will offer our customers a variety of styles and super warm comfort.

the first times we will be bringing in will be a super soft Faux Fur throw blankets with a Sherpa backing that is gorgeously soft and furry on the faux fur side but with the ultra comfortable and warm Sherpa on the back. these blankets are not only beautiful but can be used over and over again and will keep well with directed washing use.

The second will be a natural animal print faux fur throw that have the markings of Chinchilla, lynx, and Wolf. Visually beautiful and soft these throw blankets offer a elegant home decor accent and also great for use and will keep any body cozy.

the third item will be the flannel blanket that comes in multiple animal print styles that are very soft and get softer on every wash. these blankets have animal print and are heat treated so you will never have to worry about the colors fading.

You can also purchase these blankets online at:

Home Soft Things – throw Blankets

Amazon – Bedding Blankets

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