About Us

Sterling & Co. have been selling Jewelry to the greater Inland Empire area in Southern California and its largest stores are located in Redlands, Moreno Valley,¬†and San Bernardino. They only carry the best in Sterling Silver body jewelry, necklaces, ear rings, belly rings, Monroe rings, and even captives. Sterling and Company is family owned and gives full service to its customers including piercing’s and selling only safe surgical steel that is fun, fashionable, and safe.

Body Jewelry trends raise and fall that why Sterling and Company get new items weekly and will only carry the newest fashions in body jewelry, and will only carry expert quality silver. Loaded with thousands of items all in different sizes, colors, grades, and styles Sterling and company is your first choice when it comes to your body accessorizing.

Feel great when you step into our high-end customer service and feel at home when we greet you. Ask for what you are looking for and Sterling and Company will help you find exactly what you want. Or we will find something that need your needs as a body jewelry consumer. Come visit us at any of our fine locations and relax as we find what you need, when you need it. Body Jewelry and company also is bilingual in Spanish so that we can take care of our more Hispanic cultured customers.

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